GMO Seralini – One-Stop Source of Information on Seralini’s Work

Urgent need for long-term toxicity and cancer studies on GM foods is a new one-stop resource that provides citizens, the media, and scientists with information about the research of Professor Gilles-Eric Séralini and colleagues on genetically modified foods and Roundup. Take action: sign petition demanding long-term tests on GM foods before they are released into our food supply. Continue reading GMO Seralini – One-Stop Source of Information on Seralini’s Work

RA Globe Launches GMO Evidence Worldwide

GMO Evidence was launched by RA Globe with the hope of providing easy access to the general public regarding the dangers of GMOs. The site is the first user-friendly worldwide library of evidence of harm from GMOs and Glyphosate to animals and humans.

GMO Evidence includes scientific research from around the globe and also includes articles on real cases of harm to humans and animals, including birth defects in Danish pigs, cow deaths in Germany, GMO Genocide in India, Infertility in Ohio pigs, Vanishing Bees in the US and serious illness from GM Pollen in the Philippines.

GMO Evidence also includes the very latest scientific research on the possible dangers of GM Wheat.

Sustainable Pulse Launches Worldwide Sustainability Directory

Sustainable Pulse, the newest and fastest growing sustainability social network, has launched a new feature that aims to bring the sustainable world together. The Sustainable Directory allows users from around the globe to add their information, enabling them to be easily accessible to a worldwide audience.

Sustainable Pulse, run by the eco experts RA Globe, have set up an easy to use and simple social network for all organizations that work in the field of sustainability. It has a wide focus that includes: Green and Renewable Energy, Sustainable Agriculture, sustainable management of our seas and also the protection of Endangered Species.

The main focus of the site is to allow the general public to easily find organizations and companies that support sustainability – to this end the Sustainable Directory has been created. It allows everyone to put themselves on the sustainability map by:

  • Adding all their details to an easy access free directory
  • Including a full biography of their organization
  • Allowing the public to easily access their company/organization
  • Improving their SEO optimization*
  • Everyone can enter themselves into the following categories: ‘Sustainable Agriculture’, ‘Sustainable Environment’, ‘Sustainable Energy’, ‘Sustainable Oceans’, ‘Sustainable Tourism’ and ‘Sustainable Species’

Sustainable Pulse also includes News Sharing and Event Organization and Social Networking features and welcomes you to browse the full site!

*SEO Optimization helps your company/organization to appear higher up on search engine (Google) results.



Sustainable Pulse Set for April Launch

Sustainable Pulse is an exciting and simple worldwide platform that aims to bring the whole Sustainable Movement together. It is the new home for all those interested in creating one voice in support of sustainable food and energy systems.

Sustainable Pulse IS NOT an internet based talking shop full of empty words. IT IS the place where meaningful action begins, through a unique mixture of campaigns, news and a library of exciting and revealing research.

Green Energy, Sustainable Food Systems and Genetically Modified Crops are all on the agenda as Sustainable Pulse aims to force real change over the next 10 years.

How Sustainable Pulse Works:

Campaigns: Supporting their partner’s campaigns as well as creating their own – Sustainable Pulse has developed a simple to use petition system. All of our petitions will reach the top decision making tables around the world.

News: 24 hour sustainable news and views supplied directly by Sustainable Pulse members – Everyone is welcome! SP News will be a true discussion platform on the important issues.

Research: The research library will allow people to make up their own minds based on the facts – all scientists, even those shunned by some quarters, will be given an equal and fair platform to showcase their findings.

Partners: All organizations that support sustainability in any form will be welcome to share their campaigns and views on the Sustainable Pulse platform.

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RA Globe Turns Christmas Green

Rowlands and Associates has now launched its newest service – Environmental, Sustainability and CSR – as part of the RA Green branch.

Following on from building the first ever global web portal for sustainability for the Sustainable Food Trust – RA Globe has gone a step further. We now offer an integrated mix of technical and creative environmental, sustainability and CSR skills for all sizes of company, from microbusinesses to multinationals:

  • Environmental Management – Implementing ISO 14001 and other environmental management standards, working with you to ensure you manage your environmental impacts effectively.
  • Carbon, greenhouse gases and energy – We’ll work with you to ensure you maximize your energy efficiency and minimize your carbon and other emissions. We will also help ensure you measure and report your emissions effectively.
  • Standards, schemes, labels and awards – Contact us to ensure you secure the sustainability standard your business or product deserves. There are now 424 ecolabels worldwide, from the EU Ecolabel to the BRE Environmental Assessment Method.
  • Sustainable food and farming – Working with a wide array of clients, from farmers and producers to restaurants, identifying ways in which you can maximize your sustainability, from organic and pesticide free vegetable farming advice to helping restaurants implement sustainable menus and achieve eco-efficiency.
  • CSR – Working with your business to map out its vision and apply that in a way which benefits everyone. We’ll working with you to ensure meaningful change, and then communicate that change effectively, via everything from investor reports to viral social media content.
  • Communication and reporting – Our marketing mavens will develop fantastic sustainability communication strategies for your company, and implement them effectively – everything from media relations campaigns to investor relations. We’ll also ensure your report your sustainability impacts effectively.
  • Architecture and Buildings – We will help ensure your design and development is running as it should, working with technicians and thinkers who drive success in the sphere of sustainability in architecture and design.
  • Trans Balkanic – This is where we roll our sleeves up, importing and exporting fantastic organic and sustainable food worldwide. Check out the Trans Balkanic website for more.
Rowlands ans Associates would like to wish you a very happy green Christmas!

Rowlands and Associates Launches Worldwide

Rowlands and Associates has launched its new global web-site and is on its way to becoming a powerhouse in the European IT market.

Rowlands and Associates are experts in creating top quality global web platforms. We can help you to move your business from the local to world stage simply and successfully. Our experience has helped businesses from every continent to reach markets and clients from outside their own borders.

Our web experience will allow you to investigate and then break into new markets around the world.

Rowlands and Associates has been recognized as one of the main driving forces behind some of the newest worldwide internet forums including our most recent projects:

  • The Sustainable Food Trust – Building the SFT Worldwide Social Platform to support resilient and sustainable food sytsems

We can support you as you go beyond borders!