RA Globe Turns Christmas Green

Rowlands and Associates has now launched its newest service – Environmental, Sustainability and CSR – as part of the RA Green branch.

Following on from building the first ever global web portal for sustainability for the Sustainable Food Trust – RA Globe has gone a step further. We now offer an integrated mix of technical and creative environmental, sustainability and CSR skills for all sizes of company, from microbusinesses to multinationals:

  • Environmental Management – Implementing ISO 14001 and other environmental management standards, working with you to ensure you manage your environmental impacts effectively.
  • Carbon, greenhouse gases and energy – We’ll work with you to ensure you maximize your energy efficiency and minimize your carbon and other emissions. We will also help ensure you measure and report your emissions effectively.
  • Standards, schemes, labels and awards – Contact us to ensure you secure the sustainability standard your business or product deserves. There are now 424 ecolabels worldwide, from the EU Ecolabel to the BRE Environmental Assessment Method.
  • Sustainable food and farming – Working with a wide array of clients, from farmers and producers to restaurants, identifying ways in which you can maximize your sustainability, from organic and pesticide free vegetable farming advice to helping restaurants implement sustainable menus and achieve eco-efficiency.
  • CSR – Working with your business to map out its vision and apply that in a way which benefits everyone. We’ll working with you to ensure meaningful change, and then communicate that change effectively, via everything from investor reports to viral social media content.
  • Communication and reporting – Our marketing mavens will develop fantastic sustainability communication strategies for your company, and implement them effectively – everything from media relations campaigns to investor relations. We’ll also ensure your report your sustainability impacts effectively.
  • Architecture and Buildings – We will help ensure your design and development is running as it should, working with technicians and thinkers who drive success in the sphere of sustainability in architecture and design.
  • Trans Balkanic – This is where we roll our sleeves up, importing and exporting fantastic organic and sustainable food worldwide. Check out the Trans Balkanic website for more.
Rowlands ans Associates would like to wish you a very happy green Christmas!