Sustainable Pulse Set for April Launch

Sustainable Pulse is an exciting and simple worldwide platform that aims to bring the whole Sustainable Movement together. It is the new home for all those interested in creating one voice in support of sustainable food and energy systems.

Sustainable Pulse IS NOT an internet based talking shop full of empty words. IT IS the place where meaningful action begins, through a unique mixture of campaigns, news and a library of exciting and revealing research.

Green Energy, Sustainable Food Systems and Genetically Modified Crops are all on the agenda as Sustainable Pulse aims to force real change over the next 10 years.

How Sustainable Pulse Works:

Campaigns: Supporting their partner’s campaigns as well as creating their own – Sustainable Pulse has developed a simple to use petition system. All of our petitions will reach the top decision making tables around the world.

News: 24 hour sustainable news and views supplied directly by Sustainable Pulse members – Everyone is welcome! SP News will be a true discussion platform on the important issues.

Research: The research library will allow people to make up their own minds based on the facts – all scientists, even those shunned by some quarters, will be given an equal and fair platform to showcase their findings.

Partners: All organizations that support sustainability in any form will be welcome to share their campaigns and views on the Sustainable Pulse platform.

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